June 15, 2021

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Thermal Barcode label Printers

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Barcode label Printers

Thermal Printers: Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printing requires a barcode labels printer that works with a thermal transfer ribbon and media. Barcode Printer manufactures both low cost thermal transfer “desktop” printers designed to print up to several thousand labels per day, and “industrial” thermal transfer printers capable of printing many thousands of labels per day. Thermal transfer barcode printers are designed to print using either thermal transfer or direct thermal technology.

Thermal transfer printing requires the use of a carbon based ribbon which is chemically transferred onto a label’s substrate when heat is applied, hence the name “thermal transfer.”

Thermal Printers: Direct Thermal

Direct thermal printers require using heat activated barcode labels and do no longer require a ribbon. While incredibly durable, direct thermal labels are susceptible to darkening over time due to age or exposure to extreme mild or heat. Direct thermal printing is popular in applications along with mailing, small parcel transport, retail and the food industries in which maximum objects are stored away from warmth and sunlight, and the predicted life of the label is less than 1 year. The number one gain is an usual decrease cost due to the fact ribbon isn’t required, and direct thermal printers are less difficult to perform.

We Provide

  • Industrial Barcode label Printers
  • Desktop barcode labels Printers
  • Barcode Label Printer Accessories

Low Volume Desktop barcode labels Printers by TSC Auto ID Technology and Zebra Technologies offer low cost and easy-to-use features that are perfect for entry level needs from about 500 to 2000 labels per day.

Mid-Range Volume Barcode label Printers made by TSC and Zebra are economical solutions for average industrial and commercial printing that use larger media rolls for fewer changeovers.

High Volume, High Performance Barcode label Printers are rugged Zebra work-horses for the most demanding industrial, large throughput requirements that require high print quality, faster print speeds and non-stop printing.

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